Checking and benchmarking of dynamic vegetation models

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The Profound dataset for checking and benchmarking of dynamic vegetation models

The PROFOUND database is a collection of data for calibrating, validating and benchmarking dynamic vegetation models, created by Cost Action FP1304 PROFOUND. The database itself, including document and description of the dasta, is hosted by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research You can dowload the database either there, or, via the R pacakge (see below). The source code that was used to create the database is available here.

Installing the ProfoundData R package

The ProfoundData R package helps users to download and explore the PROFOUND database from the R environment. The package is available from CRAN. To install the (typically more stable) CRAN version, just type:


If you want to install the current (development) version from this repository, run

devtools::install_github(repo = "COST-FP1304-PROFOUND/ProfoundData", 
subdir = "ProfoundData", 
dependencies = T, build_vignettes = T)

Below the status of the automatic Travis CI tests on the master branch (if this doesn load see here)

Build Status

First steps

To get an overview about its functionality once the package is installed, run

vignette("ProfoundData", package="ProfoundData")

To cite the package, run


Downloading the database from R